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We are character performers who bring stories to life and help our friends to have the courage to fly! We are a volunteer organization that visits and performs for charity events and children and families who have dealt with loss, trauma, extraordinary medical treatments, or other especially difficult circumstances.



We are character performers who sing, act and dance magical memories into the hearts of children of all ages!

We always try to make our character experiences character building experiences, with lots of magic and fun thrown in. We often do comfort visits for families who have experienced trauma and loss.

Our goal is for those who step into the stories we share to be inspired to take that magic they have felt and find the courage in the midst of extraordinarily difficult circumstances to fly in the most wonderful adventure of all–this beautiful and sometimes challenging life!

We are a volunteer, non-profit performing company and we love to serve our community and we also work with educational organizations to educate and inspire in fun, memorable ways!

Divi Theme Examples


If you have questions, please visit our new Frequently Asked Questions page.

We are working on expanding our website! If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to text to 3216049208 or email to pixiedustadventurecompany@gmail.com . We are also on Facebook @pixiedustadventurecompany or Instagram @pixiedustadventurecompany


  • Birthday parties for children and siblings who have been through trauma, loss, or illness

  • Corporate parties and events (all proceeds go to our charitable events)

  • Nonprofit organization educational events or other events

  • Customized events that include singing and dancing

  • Meet and greets at schools and libraries

  • Comfort visits to children who have gone through trauma, loss, or other extraordinary circumstances

  • Educational events, including, “Learn About the Ocean” featuring The Wayfinder Princess and her friend, The Little Mermaid

  • Princess tea parties

  • Other custom events not listed.

Divi Theme Examples

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Pixie Dust Adventure Company does not offer any licensed, copyrighted, or trademarked characters. It is not our intention to violate any copyright law. Characters are based on classic and public domain fairy tales.